In the constant effort to improve technical support to its customers, Marvic Wheels has inside the properequipments to perform and meet the various demands from the customer in order to optimize manufacturing processes, time and costs.

Sand Casting

The main advantage of sand gravity casting is its great flexibility.

This artigianal process enables to produce castings with cavities and with complex internal structures, since any shapes, hole and thickness (not less than 4mm), can be obtained directly from casting, with the consequent reduction of times and costs of finishing and machining

The sand casting gravity is typically used for the production of medium and small series, or for prototypes that will be subsequently produced in die casting or low pressure.

The pattern for this casting process are mainly made of wood and / or resin and their cost is lower than the equipment required for die casting; nevertheless the alloys and the characteristics obtained with sand gravity casting are comparable to those of series production.

Green Sand

The company has an automatic system with 4 forming presses to produce small /medium series casts.

Minimum casting flask dimensions are 350 x 450. Maximum 700 x 1200.

With this technology you can reach 3.5 mm thickness in wall.

Sand Resin

The company has a manual system for small series and for special castings. The high specialization of the staff is the key factor in this process, since manual skill is indispensable to achieve a good results.

This production process ensures high quality castings with complex geometrical configurations and wall thickness of less than 3 mm. Produces small and large castings, ranging from a few ounces up to 500 kg.

Heat Treatment

In order to improve significantly the mechanical properties of the magnesium alloy, and to eliminate any residual stress, all the castings are subjected to solution heat-treatment and ageing.

Heat treatments are carried out internally in the electric pit furnace which the company has. The plant is equipped with an automatic sensing and recording systems of temperatures in five different positions, its loading capacity is of about 550 kg, and grants a temperature accuracy of+/- 2° C.

The cooling of wheels and castings is carried out in an appropriate cell, with forced air to accelerate the speed of this phase since that further increases the mechanical properties.


The finish involves the removal from wheels and casting of burrs, runners and risers. All the cutting and fettling steps are performed internally, through the use of manual and semi-automatic equipment.

During the finishing steps are performed two different types of blasting with micro spheres of carbon steel and with microgranules of corundum, to impart uniformity and compactness to the casting surface, improving the aesthetic appearance and greatly reducing the tendency to oxidation.

If required, the company is able to effect ultrasonic cleaning, which eliminates any impurities from the casting and its internal cavities.

The constant desire to support its clients in all stages of production enables Marvic Wheels Srl to provide timely and appropriate solutions that allow to minimize the time that the client should devote to the later stages to finishing: in addition to machining services and surface treatments are also offered services assembly, pre-assembly and testing.


The company can rely on the internal workshop for machining milling and turning with CNC machines for both single pieces and for small series.

For operations out of competence or unusual works, Marvic Wheels Srl is able to support customer requirements and deliver a finished product with the assistance of qualified external suppliers.

Excellent and accurate machining, high precision and high quality are guaranteed both for standardized operations or for singular and unique projects.

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