Vintage Bikes back
Today there is an increasingly number of enthusiasts of historic motorcycles and a growing number and successful events organized to allow collectors, champions and fans the chance to admire (and not only) the spectacular and powerful bikes of the past that gave birth to the modern motorcycling.

Marvic, always caring to the trends and needs of the market, but especially keen to ensure safe and high-quality products, for over 5 years offers a range of specific wheels to all the motorcycle owners who want to restore with passion, respecting conformity and above all in full compliance safety, their bikes into real pearls.

All the wheels of the Marvic Vintage range are produced according to originality, both in aesthetics, in materials and processes used, then manufactured by sand gravity casting in magnesium alloy. They are a real added value for each machine regardless of its use (racing, or static exhibitions), and most of all they are safe which unfortunately you can not say of the original 30-aged wheels which are definitely “too historical.”

All the MARVIC’s products, are 100% Italian products that simultaneously contain technology, tradition and craftsmanship: the characteristic "orange peel surface”, is a typical hallmark of sand casting, deliberately not hidden in any way, so to present a lively, genuine and unique article.

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