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Marvic has created exclusively for TMAX a sand cast magnesium wheel with advanced components, which is in no way inferior to its "sisters” for the sports bikes.

Machined on almost all its surfaces MAXIMA has a considerable visual impact: the depth of the spokes, finishing complexity and the division between machined and rough surfaces gratify the eye and make it more homogeneous and harmonious, in the respect of the forms.

MAXIMA was carried out in order to improve handling while turning, with quick-change trajectory, braking and acceleration, thus reducing the gyroscopic effect and the moment of inertia and giving huge benefits in terms of reaction.
MAXIMA is very strong and safe, and similarly light. A set of wheels weighs 25% less than the standard one. Here are the details: the front wheel 3.50 "x 15″ weighs 3.300 grams and the rear 5.00 "x 15″ weighs 3.725 grams (complete with all assembling parts, disc flanges, bearings, spacers etc. etc.)
The wheels are completely interchangeable with the standard ones, without need of adjustments and-or modification, except from the rear drive flange that has to be removed from the original wheel and has to be fit on the new one.

Front 3,30 kg
Rear 3,72 kg
Available sizes
Front 3.50″ x 15″
Rear 5.00″ x 15″
Available colors
Marvic Gold, black, white, silver, titanium, Marlboro orange, red, blue.
Other colors on request.
Operation and care Technical details
Marvic Wheels Srl
Via Gallarate 4 · 21020 · Brunello (VA)
Tel. +39 0332 463386/463591 ·
P.IVA 06640660962
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