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This extraordinary racing car was born in ’65 from the pencil of the legendary Eric Broadley. He was the founder of the prestigious British brand Lola Cars who, as Chapman and other English fans at that time, decided to design and build his own racecars based on Austin 7.

Independently, with the intent to dominate the endurance races (Can-Am and 24 hours of Le Mans) and to fight against the rivals Ferrari P3 and Mclaren M1. All the conditions were in favor of this ambitious project. First an extremely experienced builder, passionate and highly motivated, whose sport cars attracted the attention of the Ford Motor Company, so as to become a consultant for the famous GT40, and the support even of the neo world champion of Formula 1 John Surtees, who became one of the first drivers of the T70 and who helped its development. From here, one success after another and an evolution in 4 different versions, which from the open-roofed Mk II (with which Surtees won the Can-Am championship in 1966), up to the Mk IIIB, became more and more powerful, lightweight, stable and popular.

Thanks to its agility, this legendary racing car, in its different evolutions, proved to be an excellent racing weapon for sprint races and imposed the pace at home and overseas. Today, the T70 is contemplated by fans with the same admiration than 50 years ago: being able to see live its sinuous lines and to hear the vigorous symphony of its V8 engine downshifting into corners, makes us enthusiastic admirers like to see Anita Ekberg cavorting in Rome’s Trevi Fountain. We are pleased to be able to help this timeless story to continue, offering brand-new original genuine imitation replicas magnesium wheels for all the versions produced of the T70: MK1, MK2, MK3 and the astonishing MK3B.

Thanks to the 3D optical scanning of authentic wheels of the time, all our Lola T70 wheels are absolutely conform to the original Lola specifications. They all are one-piece castings (no separate centers or rims) and therefore they are slave replicas, identical to the originals in everything, ready to satisfy the needs of demanding historic racers and preparers of all over the world.

Available sizes
Front LOLA T70 Mk1/Mk2 = 8″ x 15″
LOLA T70 Mk III = 9″ x 15″
LOLA T70 Mk IIIb = 10,5″ x 15″
Rear LOLA T70 Mk1/Mk2 = 10″ X 15″
LOLA T70 Mk III = 12″ X 15″
LOLA T70 Mk IIIb = 16,75″ X 15″
Available colors
Black, Contrast cut. Other colors on request.
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