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The history of the De Tomaso is a bittersweet story, exciting and melancholy, sadly no happy ending for it, but thanks to the passion of Alejandro De Tomaso in the small workshop based in Modena founded in 1959, were built real “supercars “.

The Pantera appeared in 1970 and despite the V8 Cleveland could not stand comparison with the engines of other supercars of the era, the Pantera had some good features. A simple engine that allowed to develop additional horses smoothly, while keeping it safe in life; double wishbone suspension on all wheels, limited slip differential, 5-speed ZF gearbox, Lockheed ventilated brakes and, as with any true supercar, wheels made of magnesium alloy with 10 ” and 14″ rims, produced by Campagnolo.
The Pantera gained a great success among fans of American sports cars: it was and it remains a car with such a strong "character” for the era, that still it evokes emotions and respect, observing it.
Marvic now offers perfect replicas of the original wheels: they are produced using the sand casting process and made of the highest grade AZ91 magnesium alloy, reliable, absolutely conform to the original De Tomaso specifications both dimensionally and aesthetically, the new Marvic wheels are able not only to donate new magnificence, but especially to ensure absolute safety. The wheels come complete with steel bushes and in the original colors gold and silver.

Available sizes
Front 10" x 15"
Rear 14" x 15"
Available colors
Marvic gold, Grey aluminum. Other colors on request.
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