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Heir of the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ, the TZ2 presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1964. Zagato’s bodywork and designed by Orazio Satta, Giuseppe Busso and Chiti, this car is remembered as the “Jewel of Turin”.

The bodywork made of fiberglass, an aerodynamic style to lower the drag coefficient, larger valves, the classic double ignition and dry sump lubrication brought this car of just 620kg over the wall of 240 times.

Exact replicas of the originals and made of magnesium alloy, Marvic wheels intended for the very exclusive TZ2, will preserve the originality of your wonderful racing car in total safety.

Available sizes
Front 6" x13"
Rear 7" x13"
Available colors
Grey aluminum, Anthracite.
Other colors on request.
Technical data sheet Operation and care
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