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Geneva's 1966 motor show: the birth of a legend! It was 1965 and in Turin at the motor show, Lamborghini displayed a frame model with a steel structure and metal boxed with many holes in order to cut weight, created for a transverse mid-engine.

Gianpaolo Dallara and Paolo Stanzani deal to place the majestic 12-cylinder and minimize space requirements, while the legend narrates that Nuccio Bertone, deeply fascinated by the frame told Mr. Lamborghini "I'm the one who can make shoes for your feet".  
In 4 months only, a very young Marcello Gandini, Bertone's head designer, created the car line.
The name Miura instead, was selected for the influence that tauruses had on Ferruccio Lamborghini who, born under the taurus sign, wanted to name this car Miura, in honour of the breeder of fighting tauruses whose name was Don Eduardo Miura Fernandez.
The Miura P400 was officially shown for the first time at Geneva's motor show in 1966 and it literally left all visitors breathless. From that moment on, the sports car sector was no more the same as before and it was deeply influenced by the young and go-getting Lamborghini car.
At exactly fifty years after the introduction of the first Miura, it is with great pride and satisfaction that we are pleased to announce the production of replica magnesium wheels for this wonderful Italian jewel, desirable object for all fans.
Available for P400, P400S and P400SV their original sizes are supplied with a steel hub complete of bolts for fixing the monodado.

Available sizes
Front 7” -7,5”" x 15"
Rear 9" x 15"
Available colors
Marvic gold, Grey Aluminium. Other colors on request.
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